"Daphnila and Vanilia" when you say it really fast, it rhymes, try it. From all the facebook likes & shares, the twitter re-tweets and the hundreds of emails you daily get to win something, I never thought that I would actually win this!
Although I must say I’m pretty selective. I only participate when I really, again reallyyy, want something. When I received the email from Vanilia that I had a chance to win 
€500,- shopping money and a personal styling session, I was like, I HAVE to participate. And of course, what everybody’s first thought would be 'I probably won’t win' 
BUT... I was wrong!

Vanilia is one of my favourite brands. They somehow manage to create every season a collection I just fall in love with. 
It’s feminine, trendy, rock chic, modern, sophisticated and sometimes a little bohemian. Besides their wonderful collection, it is also fun shopping at Vanilia. Their store looks amazing and they have very friendly saleswomen that can assist you in every way. If you need style advice or just another size, they will stand by to help you. 
Vanilia is affordable luxury.

So yesterday I finally went shopping at Vanilia. With my ten plastic gift cards in my wallet I feel pretty lucky. I remember telling myself, do NOT spend it all. Conclusion, that was a mission impossible. A collection with so many must haves, it's too hard to choose. Check out the pictures of 
all the beautiful clothes I bought.

xoxo D.

PS. Vanilia thank you so much for this opportunity. 
DJ thanks for shopping more than 3 hours with me at Vanilia.

T-Shirt Stripez
T-Shirt Stripez - Colbert Deligh
Top Frontpart - Broek Winterskinny
Top Frontpart - Broek Winterskinny
Top Frontpart - Jasje Fishnet - Broek Winter Eaz 
Top Embroidery - Rok Just
Top Embroidery - Rok Just
T-Shirt Blueliner - Rok Just 
T-Shirt People
T-Shirt People - Colbert Fast
T-Shirt People - Colbert Fast