1. Tell us something about yourself...
My name is Angela Huizer and I’m sixteen years old. 
I really have a crush on photography and fashion. 
This is my last year of high school, so I really hope that I’ll graduate in July.Then I can go to the college of my dreams, which is ‘Fotovakschool‘ in Rotterdam.
I’m so happy that they’ve already accepted my application because this opportunity is really rare! My dream is to become a professional photographer. I’m pretty sure that I’ll become one, because I never give up! I believe that you should always follow your dreams. I recently started my own photography blog (and Facebook page) so I can share my inspiration and work. It’s also an online portfolio.

2. What inspires you?
I truly got inspired a year ago when I found out about the website ‘WeHeartIt’ and ‘500px’. All the pictures I saw there were such an inspiration! It gave me new ideas on how to take pictures, to see life from another point of view in so many different ways. Especially the Black-and-white and fashion pictures. That's the moment that I decided that I wanted to become a photographer!

3. How does fashion inspire you?
As I said before, besides photography I have a crush on fashion. I’m a big fan of Street Style. It shows you the ‘everyday fashion people’ and that inspires me to create new fashion outfits for myself. I also like reading fashion magazines, like Vogue, Elle and Glamour.

4. Can you describe your style?
Well I have different kinds of styles, the problem is that I like almost everything about fashion. I love leather pants and jackets, studs and spikes, the rock chick look. But you can also see me in a very classy and sophisticated outfit that would make me more girly. When I see a trend, I get inspired and then I HAVE to get it. 

5. My 'Get Inspired' quote is... 
Follow your dreams and never give up! 
Every mistake is a step closer to success!