1. Tell us something about yourself...
My name is Merlin and I’m 23 years old. Last summer I’ve graduated in BBA (Bachelor of Business Administration) 
and now I’m looking for a nice full-time job. 
Currently I’m working a part-time job on the side.
In my spare time I enjoy meeting friends for coffees and chat with them. Lately I’m into reading books again, this really relaxes me. I also like to travel, visit new countries, get to know new cultures and learn about their history. For example, last month I went to Norway to see the Northern Lights and it was very impressive. At this moment I do not have a specific dream or ambition that I want to achieve. My main focus is to continue developing myself.

2. What inspires you?
People inspire me, especially those around me, like my friends and family. I like to see how we all do different things, have different opinions and still get along so well while spending so much time together. Their actions and ideas inspire me. They give me new ideas and perspectives on life.

3. How does fashion inspire you?
I don’t spend a lot of time checking the latest trends and looks, instead I pay attention to the things I like. Those things are not always new and trendy, but they represent me. I do get inspired by fashion. I like passing by shops or going through fashion magazines and look at all the pretty things which are in fashion at that moment. Even though it doesn't really influence the way I look much. I have my own style with a trendy edge. I also like to see what others wear, friends or just random people on the street (street style).
They are the ones that inspire me the most.

4. Can you describe your style?
I would describe my style as minimalistic with a trendy edge. Usually I wear darker colors, like navy, grey and black. Sometimes I wear colorful clothes, when I’m in the mood for it and depending on the weather. I often wear jeans, most of the time with a basic sweater. Also I enjoy wearing ‘girly’ dresses and high heels. I love my high heels! I don’t wear them often, but when I do I immediately feel more feminine and confident. They also make my legs look better and taller. Which is always nice! I express my fashion taste more in accessories. I collect rings, you’ll always see me with (a) ring(s). Big or small, silver or plastic, sparkling or not, I wear all kinds and sorts. My problem with shopping is that I always buy items separately and never a whole outfit at once, therefore I never know what to wear in the morning nor how to combine things. Secretly I think that my friends know my style better than I do, they might see something while shopping and tell me that it really fits my style.

5. My 'Get Inspired' quote is...
Sometimes I see certain quotes that I think are so smart, funny, wise or fit my situation just perfectly. I try to remember all of them, but the ones that really speak to me on that moment I keep in mind. I think the quotes of Marilyn Monroe are funny and they always cheer me up.
Right now I would say my ‘Get Inspired’ quote is:
“Happiness depends upon ourselves. We have to make ourselves happy, no one else will do it for you and you can’t depend on others to make you happy.”

Photography by Angela Huizer