1. Tell us something about yourself...
So my name is Farzad Kananpour and I must say that 
I’m a very positive person. Whenever people see threats, 
I see opportunities. I always try to find my way, because there are more roads that lead to Rome.
Besides my positive mindset, I’m also a helpful person towards others. It’s important that you always try to help your fellow creatures. We all have our pros and cons, I believe when you help each other we’ll all come out stronger. At the same time, I’m a real family person. I don’t have a 9 to 5 job, so work is very hectic, every day is totally different. For that reason I try to keep my personal life as quiet and stable as possible. The last four years I was busy organising events for big nightclubs in The Netherlands. Some examples are Supperclub, The Sand and Off Corso. The creativity behind those events is what speaks to me the most. I come up with an idea, create a concept, then do the PR and production. Currently I’m working on a new concept, called La Mode. I got this idea while thinking about what was missing in the market and where the opportunities were at the moment. I responded to that by working together with a great team, where everyone had their own qualities. That’s how La Mode originated. La Mode is a fashion party where people with different backgrounds, cultures and most definitely diversity in style come together and have one thing in common: Passion For Fashion! 
That was one of the reasons why our campaign for the first La Mode edition was so big. Trying to show a mix of people that differ from background, culture and fashion style, which we all hope to see on the La Mode fashion party. In the end it doesn’t matter where you come from, all that matters is where you’re going. In the meantime, we create events for you to enjoy! La Mode stands for “who you are, without having to speak”. I’ve always been a very ambitious person so naturally I also expect that from the people I work with. Rotterdam, The Netherlands, is just the beginning for me. I want to reach way more people and inspire them. Just saying, get ready world.

2. What inspires you?
Maybe it sounds cliché, but my parents are the ones that really inspire me. Eighteen years ago my parents came to Holland as political refugees with nothing at all. I’m so proud of what they have accomplished so far. Every day I feel honored for all the opportunities I got in Holland because of my parents. Most people only talk about the negative things, I stay positive and try not to think in problems, but in solutions. Either way you look at it, problems are there to be solved.

3. How does fashion inspire you?
Fashion does inspires me in a way it makes me feel better. I always feel better about myself when I’m well dressed. I think that I won’t be speaking for myself, when I say that when you try to look good and you’ve put some extra effort in it, you’ll feel better and more confident. At La Mode I want to create a vibe where everybody feels good and fashionable about themselves. Everyone has their own style, so don’t be afraid to show it! Dress up and feel good. Let’s all enjoy this positive vibe together, which also gives us extra energy. Why La Mode? A fashion party with a variety of people and fashion, where everybody is unique just by being themselves.

4. Can you describe your style?
I have different kind of styles. How I dress depends 
on the way I feel and where I am on that moment. 
I dress for the occasion. If I have to choose a style, 
I would say casual chic with an urban twist. I mostly get inspired by the people around me, as in Street Style. 
In my spare time I like to wear comfortable clothes. 
You’ll also see me in a sweatpants and a shirt.

5. My ‘Get Inspired’ quote is...
“If you don’t build your dream, someone will hire you 
to build theirs.”

Photography by Jimmy James
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