Fashion Show 'Get Inspired' was a success!!
An experience where I've learned so much from and is definitely worth repeating. I remember reading an interview about Silvio Berlusconi last year, where he was talking about his motto "Think Big." I told myself: "Indeed, think big!" 

That mentality is what you need if you want to achieve your dreams and wishes. The day of the Fashion Show was 
fun and inspiring! Furthermore a big shout out to all the fabulous models! You were amazing ladies! I also want to thank all my dear friends, family and colleagues for their support! You were the best!!! For those that missed it this time, no worries, there will be a "bigger" Fashion Show soon again… Enjoy the pictures from the Fashion Show!

xoxo D.

Top Vanilia - Pants Vanilia - Shoes Pastry - Bag Smaak - Scarf Mexx - Sunglasses RayBan
Jacket Vanilia - Top Vanilia - Skirt Turnover - Shoes Converse - Sunglasses RayBan
Top Dyanne - Skirt Dyanne - Shoes Eska - Bag Philomijn
Jacket Mexx - Top Turnover - Pants Mexx - Sunglasses RayBan
Top Vanilia - Pants Vanilia - Bag Smaak - Sunglasses RayBan
Jumpsuit Vanilia - Shoes Marc O' Polo - Bag Rabeanco - Sunglasses RayBan
Cardigan InWear - Blouse Edith&Ella - Pants Jackpot - Shoes Marc O' Polo - Bag Smaak
Top Vanilia - Pants Vanilia - Shoes Vanilia - Sunglasses RayBan
Sweatshirt Turnover - Maxidress Dyanne - Shoes Maluo - Bag Smaak - Jewellery ByIndy
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