As a woman it is important to take care of yourself. 
Mentally, but also physically. Of our communication, 80% 
is nonverbal, which means that the way you look, your first impression, is very important. I believe that every woman is beautiful, it's just that not every woman knows how to let her sparkle shine. A step in the right direction is to wear a bit of makeup everyday. It does wonders and only takes up to five minutes. The intention is not to wear a mask, on the contrary, a way to accentuate your beautiful points and to camouflage the imperfections. Always remember, less is more!

Before you put on makeup consider using a moisturiser for your skin. The foundation I daily use is the Even Better from Clinique. Do not apply the foundation all over your face, 
just put a little on blemishes if needed. When you've had a few rough days and not so much sleep, I use the All About Eyes from Clinique to camouflage under the eyes.
My number one recommendation is a bronzing powder!!
I always use a bronzing powder, every day, to give your face an extra natural glow. Currently I'm using the new 
Les Beiges from Chanel and I'm very happy with it. 
It doesn't matter which brand you use, you have to 
see which brand goes best with your skin type. 

I often wear eye shadow and mascara. Actually only for special occasions, for example when I go out for drinks/dinner, have a party, go clubbing or on a date. 
As you can see the eye makeup I use is very basic.
For eye shadow I use Colour Surge from Clinique. Classic neutral beige partnered with a deep greyed brown and mid toned muted khaki grey. My favourite mascara is the Diorshow Black Out from Christian Dior. This is a creamy mascara that gives your lashes a natural fuller look. Before I put on mascara I always use an eyelash curler.

I love lipgloss! You'll always see me wearing lipgloss or lip balm in shades of pink. My favourite lip balm is the Lip Glow from Christian Dior. A sheer balm that enhances your natural lip colour while moisturising and protecting the skin. Combine this with the Lip Polish from Christian Dior and you have yourself irresistible kissable lips! When I'm not in the mood for kissable lips, I wear Instant Light Lip Perfector from Clarins or the Chubby Stick from Clinique. For extra shine and glitter I use the Lévres Scintillantes from Chanel. My advice to you, always wear lipgloss/balm! It doesn't have to be a striking colour, just one that enhances your own lip colour.

Last but not least, put some blush on your cheeks! This will strengthen your cheekbones. The Catrice blush I use is actually an eye shadow, but the pink is way too much for on your eyes and perfect for on the cheeks. My 'Dior Bronze Harmonie De Blush' was a limited edition, so not available in stores anymore, but you can compare it with the Diorblush from Christian Dior. 

                           1. Foundation; a bit camouflage.
                           2. Bronzing powder; for a natural glow.
                           3. Mascara; if needed.
                           4. Lipgloss; enhances your own lip colour.
                           5. Blush; strengthens your cheekbones.

Ladies, try it out and good luck! 
Find your sparkle and let it shine, get inspired!

xoxo D.