In the past generations ripped jeans were considered a 
sign of old, over worn clothes that needed to be replaced. However, now a days we actually buy jeans that are already ripped. Isn't it crazy how influential a fashion trend can be?

Denim never goes out of fashion. Every season you'll see it in different kinds of styles and shapes. Currently a huge denim trend is the ripped jeans. Also the ripped shorts and skirts,
but they aren't as popular as the ripped jeans. 

After searching and not succeeding to find the perfect ripped jeans, I've decided to DIY (do it yourself). Having watched a few YouTube movies and reading some blogs on the internet about 'how-to-rip-your-own-jeans' I got started. The only three things you need are jeans, scissors and a sharp (serrated) knife. You probably have these things already at home.

Secondly, put on your jeans and mark the spots where 
you want to rip your jeans. Then pick the first marked spot and cut it there. Make sure that you cut horizontally! 
The size of the cut depends on how big you want 
that part to be ripped.

If you've done that, get your knife and start cutting from left to right (horizontally) on the cut until you get the result you want. 
You'll see that the blue fabric of the jeans slowly releases and that the white fabric remains. Afterwards you can take out the released blue fabrics from your jeans with your hands in order to speed up the process. If you want the same ripped look as the one in the picture below the knife, make three or four cuts with your scissors under each other and than start cutting from left to right (horizontally) with the knife.

The result: Fabulous! You won't only save money for not buying a new jeans, you also pimp up an old jeans. 
The ripped jeans will give you a nonchalant tough look.
I combined the ripped jeans with black heels and, of course, 
a D Shirt, XOXO. For those wondering, I'm wearing a Turnover jeans from two years ago, oldie but goodie!

I hope that you got inspired and good luck trying 
this at home! Below are some pictures of ripped 
jeans for extra fashion inspiration.

xoxo D.