1. Tell us something about yourself...
Hi, my name is Norbert and I was born and raised in Delft, The Netherlands. Currently I’m living in The Hague. The reason why I went to The Hague was because in 2000 I went to the Fashion and Tailoring School to study. During my study I wanted to make some extra money so I got a job as a sales assistant at No13, which is a Multibrand Fashion Store for women and men. I started this job in the August/Fall of 2003 and now, more than ten years later, I’m still working there. I believe that if you really want to learn how things work in the business, you should experience it in practice. 
During these years I’ve learned so much about retail, menswear, fashion, tailoring and most importantly customer service. Last summer (2013) the store has expanded and now I’m the manager of the No13 Menswear Store.

Apart from this amazing job, I’m also busy with something else in fashion. A few years ago I met two guys who worked on a new brand called Effio. Effio stands for the Latin word Effingo, which means Fashion. This Dutch brand has one simple goal: making superior socks that are distinguished by use of color and design. My job is to help them build a bigger sales network. In the future I hope we grow big enough to develop other products and make a whole collection of men accessories. For those wondering, you can 
buy the Effio socks at the No13 Menswear Store.

2. What inspires you?
My grandpa was this amazing man! He was always interested in what I was doing with my life, this kept him young and updated. But he also told me stories about his own youth, 
the war and how he picked up his life afterwards. These stories were fascinating but very long, seriously very long. 
I think this is why I can be very patient, that is really rare nowadays. This world is always in a hurry, but I’m still a bit old-fashioned. He really inspired me to always be patient.

3. How does fashion inspire you?
Fashion is always around me. You can find fashion it in all kinds of ways, like in politics, the economy, the people, in science etc. When you combine all these facets and see the connections between them, you can start working as a trend watcher. I like to philosophize and fashion helps me understand how and why things happen.

4. Can you describe your style?
Actually I’m like a chameleon, but without losing my own identity. For work I can wear whatever I want. You can 
see me in a blazer, t-shirt or nice casual jeans. The most important thing is that there is always something in my outfit that’s a point of discussion. For example pants that are 
too short or a tie pushed away between the buttons of 
my shirt and of course my colourful Effio socks.

5. My 'Get Inspired' quote is…
“Life is nothing more than energy.”