You probably think this is an easy one, but to be completely honest, I can only think of tree things that I would really like...

My life is already complete, I'm happy, healthy and able to enjoy life with friends and family whom I truly love. I'm so thankful for that. Because in the end, LOVE is the only thing that matters. Right now, I'm thinking about how blessed I am. Seriously, my friends are amazing, actually they're like family. We have such a deep loving relationship in which we keep growing and developing ourselves, that is meant to be. My parents who are always there for me and support me no matter how crazy or spontaneous my ideas are, you are the best! I'm happy that I could have a relationship with both of my grandparents, they are wonderful and I'm grateful that they 
are still a part of my life. At work and school I have the sweetest collegaes who help me with my future career. 
I gain knowledge and experience.

Take a minute and think about how blessed YOU are... 
When you think about it, you know that everything that matters 
and gives your life worth isn't something you can buy and put 
under the Christmas Tree. Collect moments, not things. 

So what I want for Christmas isn't something material. It's actually something you can do, an experience, something fun. I believe in living life to the fullest. Be curious, go on adventures, do all the things you want. NOW is all you ever have. Here you go my top 3:

Look at this doggy! It's ADORABLE, yes please!!
Epic! A must do in my life, experience the free fall.

Ahhh take me there! One of the most beautiful places on earth. 
I'm somehow connected to the sea <3

...what do you reallyyy want for Christmas?

xoxo D.